What am I doing?

Idina wiping away Kristin’s tears as she struggles to sing her final For Good. 

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theatre challenge: 4/7 scenes

 finale (from pippin)

wahhh feelings

So that was my first stage kiss.

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FIRST BOOK THIEF TRAILER: the Girl, the books & the voice of Death.

And so it is – just on eight years after The Book Thief was first published, here are Liesel, Hans and Rosa, Max and Rudy in the first official trailer for the film, and I can’t lie – I’m writing this with my heart still loud inside me. As I said to a few people close by after watching it: “I’m fine! I’ve just got something in my eye!”

It looks absolutely stunning, and it’s very hard to hold the emotion at bay.

Sophie, Geoffrey, Emily, Ben and Nico all look magnificent…and I will just say to all the loyal readers out there who might be wondering if Death narrates the actual film, as he does in the book:

The answer is an emphatic


Whilst I’m able to tell you that detail, I can’t say anything else just yet – except that I’m looking forward to seeing how Death enters the screen, and to hearing him speak. Whatever happens, I can leave you now with two small but certain facts:

Just as he does in the book, Death will help look after us.

And he’ll do his very best.

Why am I a sobbing mess WHY

Glee reruns make my heart ache more than it should.

Silly Lea

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Thank you, Cory Monteith, for all you’ve inspired us to do.

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My heart goes out to all of Cory’s family, friends, and to Lea. Rest in peace.

“I feel sexy when I feel proud of my work, and proud of my family. It makes me feel confident, and it makes me feel strong, and feeling strong makes me feel sexy.”

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Little Lea

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can i just touch a tony award